Why Counseling?


Counseling is simply a process of exploring potential changes, in a safe, supportive environment, that may potentially make life better…

Why linger in the difficulties and suffering?
Now is the time to begin creating the road to change.

No one really knows… how distant you are from God, family, friends. To everyone else, you look like you have it together. You may be a leader, an achiever, and may seem that you have everything you could ever want. But on the inside, however, you feel like an imposter. You may have a disconnect between your head and your heart that no one knows about but you. Do you feel stuck? Are you tired of performing and feeling like you are never enough? It’s exhausting to work so hard for people to like you. Things don’t change no matter how hard you try.

Do you tell yourself that you shouldn’t feel this way and that you should be able to handle it on your own? You may feel guilty for struggling and not being grateful... longing for deeper relationships with God, yourself, and others with no idea how to begin the journey.

I offer caring, confidential support and a commitment to partner with you through life’s greatest challenges. Whether you are experiencing personal problems, relationship issues, or stress in family or work relationships, life can change. I work daily with individuals whose lives are transforming. You are not without hope.

Healing and life transformation are available through counseling support during your journey to wholeness.

I believe that you can experience freedom, joy, and peace. It is possible for you to live as the person you were made to be.

Jennie Armstrong, DMin, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

1711 Meriweather Dr.
Suite 100
Watkinsville, GA 30677
Phone (706) 431-3910

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